Premo is a poet of touch: never before have I met such an intuitive healer and never do I feel more cared for than when I am in her presence. Not only does she bring the physical body back from ache and fatigue, she reawakens the spirit at the deepest level.  

Each time I visit Premo I experience her gifted artistry and incredibly mindful touch as never before. I once again remember I am a whole, sentient being deserving of compassion.  

Those who are fortunate enough to come into Premo's care remain loyal for good reason. 
I offered to provide a close colleague in need of self-care with the name of my masseuse, 
but my friend declined the referral stating she was already very devoted to the person she sees for massage. Half a year, and then again a year later, I offered to give her the name of my practitioner and as it turned out we were both referring to Premo, having been devoted clients of hers for several years! ~ Eva T. Jan/2017

Premo is highly intuitive and skilled at massage. I have been a returning client ever since my first massage with her a few months ago. She begins by setting the mood of comfort and support immediately with the layout of her space. She uses very high quality, organic oils and I love the small, yet very meaningful supports throughout such as having scented essential eucalyptus and lavender oil at the face rest, using heated blankets throughout and washing your feet gently afterward. The massage itself is different every time as Premo can take the feedback you feel you need and incorporate it into how she senses what your body is needing. She is slow, deep and very integrated into your body's needs and will use the massage fully to support relieving tensions in powerful ways. She has a spiritual quality to her work that is felt profoundly throughout my experience. I look forward to my massage with Premo every time as it sets a foundation for the healing work necessary for my self-care.
~ Katherine B. July/2015

I purchased a massage by Premo as a gift for my sister after she had her first baby. She was feeling stressed, low on sleep, and generally out of sorts. 
When I picked her up following the massage, she was like a new person. She said it felt almost "out of body" - and this coming from a gal who's been to some pretty nice spas and hotels. I am planning to treat myself to one of Premo's massages next!
~ Darcy L. Jan/2015

I found Premo through Yelp. I had an Esalen massage many years ago and since moving to the Bay area, was seeking a practitioner who worked in this way. Premo was amazing. She was professional, respectful and took time prior to working with me, to hear why I was seeking a massage. Prior to beginning the massage, I let her know that I like quiet space and she was more than happy to honor that. She is communicative, caring and asks about your level of pressure and is open to more and less, even while she is working. I highly recommend Premo, I only wish I didn't live so far away from her! It was worth the trip! Thanks Premo! ~ Sheri G. Dec/2014

Over my many decades, and through various stressful life experiences, I've received lots of bodywork (massage, chiropractic, Trager, cranial sacral). And I've been fortunate to have received great work. Premo, however, is in a class by herself. Her very demeanor reflects the work she has done on herself -- she is calm, gentle, powerful, aware. Her personality and the physical space she has created for her work all reflect who she is -- and who that is comes through in her massage work on many different levels. When I'm not so "gone" from her work that I can't even think (happily so!), I have noticed how she intuitively calls on an obviously wide range of "techniques" in an improvisational way tailored exactly to each moment, and the client's needs at that moment. That's my definition of "true intelligence." She's also warm, funny, and very kind -- which comes through in her touch as well as in all her other communications. Receiving her work is a meditation as well as a healing, and (brainy/extrovert person that I am) -- for me that's an added treat! ~ B.F. Fuller  8/2011

Amazing massage therapists are hard to find. It's like finding a needle in a haystack. I've been searching for years for one that I could go to regularly to take care of my aches and pains. Then I came across Premo. Premo has been a life savor. Her technique is by far ike no other. Her deep massage techniques really get the kinks out, but then at the same time her massages are so relaxing and soothing they put me to sleep. If it wasn't for Premo i wouldn't be able to move with ease in my day to day. Thanks Premo. You are awesome! ~ Duane  7/2011

Your work is an excellent example of professional therapeutic massage. You combine a calm energetic intuition with a clear and precise understanding of the body. I have received and have given several massages and decided to try someone new in you, and was very very impressed. Thanks again and see you soon.   ~ Chris B.    2/2011

I had my first massage with Premo yesterday and I was very very delighted with the whole process. When I first showed up she had me sit down for a minute so she could talk to me about my ailments/injuries and areas I wanted her to focus on. I really appreciated this because I have never had a massage therapist ask me anything like that (and have always wondered why not?)
 During the massage she was very thorough and did a WONDERFUL job. I honestly have not had a massage this good ever! I work in a high end sports club where we have a whole team of massage therapists and Premo trumps them all!!! She blows them out of the water.
 Her touch was perfect, energy fantastic, the room (and even the sheets) were warm and she played very relaxing music. I felt so great afterward.
 Also I want to note that she was not chatty, which I really appreciated and for anyone who is skeptical about going to a private massage therapist, don't be, she is great! You will not be disappointed. I recommend her to all women! ~ Leeane J.   6/2010

My experience of Premo's touch was sincerely one of the best bodywork sessions I have received in such a long time. I feel she has a grasp on intuitive touch that allows her to feel her way through my body. I didn't need to guide her to the work that was needed. She brings with her the elements of presence, healing and loving touch. She impresses me as a bodyworker that loves what she does. I found her style to be deep and flowing with enough variety that I was not waiting for the next predicted massage stroke.
I tend not to receive massage because I am a little picky as to the style of bodywork I want to receive. I love that Premo has the style that I need. Really allowing me to feel the connection to my 'whole' body and not just a bunch of parts. She had also embodied the ability to show me that my body is three dimensional. I have a top and a bottom and two sides to my arms, legs, etc. I did NOT feel as though I was being flattened out. That has been a common experience with other massage therapists.
 I am truly impressed with the work I have received from Premo and can barely wait to receive her work again. A very gifted bodyworker. ~ Dano R (Bodyworker)    7/2009

Firstly thank to Premo for this wonderful gift. I truly enjoyed the session with her. From the moment i layed down on the table i felt safe and cared by a person who's confident in what she is doing and happy to be there and doing it. Premos touch is full and firm without being callous or rough. I enjoyed very much how Premo integrated my whole body throughout our session, going from the general to the specific and back in a flowing integrating way. Premos present and care, her pressure and her confident all served to make this a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable experience for me. ~ Mick, Esalen Staff    5/2007 and:

what a delight to experience your deep tissue massage at Esalen recently. I very much appreciate how caring, attentive and responsive to my needs you were. My back felt so good after our session. I only wish that you were closer to where I live. 
I think your massage is fantastic. Plus you continue to add to your range of massage talents with continued education and this alone gives me confidence in you as a practitioner. Confident with how you are now as a bodyworker and always improving.
Thank you. You brought me such comfort and balance with your massage Premo. I highly highly recommend you as a first rate massage therapist.   ~Mick, Esalen Staff 6/2009

PremoTouch Massage is a really fantastic massage, and 90 mins was very affordable for the quality! The great massage just lasted and lasted, that is until I lost all sense of time and space.
The neighborhood, and street is cozy and quiet. The studio is very clean and warm, and there was an electric blanket on the table. Speaking of the table, this massage table was great. Normally my face never gets comfortable squished in those headrests, but this one was like a pillow of air, my face never got sweaty or weird feeling.I was able to get a same day appointment, and Premo was sure to find out what specific areas I wanted to be focused on and what stresses I might have. The long flowing strokes, gentle rocking, and serious deep pressure were very therapudic. Her breathing kept me relaxed and reminded me to breathe when I was lost in the moment.
Will I be back? Yes, Definitely!
I recommend PremoTouch Massage, wholeheartedly! ~ Scott  6/2009

 Premo is truly talented at what she does. Her massages are deep and relaxing. She creates a calming, soothing, and loving environment while maintaining professionalism and the utmost respect for you. She uses the exact right amount of pressure. If you are someone who prefers male masseurs because you think they are stronger, think again--Premo is strong. I appreciate that she is friendly and warm without being too chatty so I can fully relax into the massage experience. I don't feel any weirdness about maintaining silence through the entire massage. It's clear that she takes her work very seriously and transmits something wonderful in the massage process. I send all my friends and family to see her when they are in from out of town, and none have been disappointed. I give her my highest recommendation.     ~ Erika W.   3/2011

Premo has a great patient presence of a devoted meditator. I called her for and appointment left a message and she returned my call promptly. She answered my questions about her work thoroughly and was very precise about what I could expect from her massage session. Her studio was goregous, clean and in a convenient location just off of Piedmont avenue with parking. Her touch is gentle, yet deep, and her strokes smooth and strong. It was a thoroughly nurturing and fully therapeutic massage. The affect is lasting and I feel very peaceful. I recommend a a deeply grounding Premo massage from without hesitation.
~ Ezekiel, Bodyworker Bay Area

I tweaked my back last week and needed a good massage stat! I havent been all that thrilled with the last couple masseuses I saw so I went looking on the internet.
I found an ad for Premo and after looking at her professional and obviously legit websit I gave her a call and arranged a 90 minute appointment for that afternoon. Premo works in a combination of massage styles and while she is strong she does not cause pain during the treatment.I saw Premo at her gorgeous studio and have to say this is one of the best massages I've had in a long time, im trying to squeeze another one into my budget asap!!
I saw premo again today as i've been working pretty hard and needed to relax. Not only is she technically an awesome masseuse she just has that extra energy exchange mechanism that is hard to describe.
~ John, IT Director  2/2009


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