Your massage will be a warm, friendly and a therapeutic experience. My mellow, focused demeanor gives you the space to relax deeply, unwind and heal within your own space. All you need to do is breathe and recieve. My prayer for your session is that you feel a deep sense of empowerment, harmony and balance. When the session ends and you go out into the world I hope I have awakened new resources for your inner and physical healing.

How many massages do you do a day?
I believe that massage should be a personal, unique and energy-filled experience. Because I believe in quality bodywork and put so much of my energy it, I limit my massage appointments to no more than 2 a day or 8 per week.

Will i be draped?

Do you use oil or lotion?
I make my own massage cream which you litterally could eat as it consist of organic ingredience like Olive oil, shea butter, cacoa butter grapeseed oil and coconut butter. if you prefer a less oily combination i also have Sacred Earth organic massage cream.
If you have special oil needs it's a good idea to bring a bottle to your session.

What can I do to get a fulfilling massage experience?
Breathe fully and deeply. Let me know when something feels really good and for sure if something feels painful or uncomfortable.
Give yourself enough time to come here so you are not stressed about bad traffic or coming too late.

What shall i wear during the session?
If you feel comfortable and safe with no cloth on, great. The Esalen massage is known for its long flowing strokes along the whole body, the less cloth you have on the less interupted the flow is. You will be appropriatly draped. However if you feel more comfortably with underwaer or bra on please do so, that is no problem at all.

I have a cold, is massage good for me?
Maybe, however, I don't need to get sick too. Please wait until you feel better to schedule your massage.

Do you use a table?
Always. Body mechanics and the longevity of my massage career depend on having a table which is adjusted to an appropriate height for me.

Do you have any mor questions?
Please email or call me and i am happy to answer them

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